Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Experimenting with creating "baked earth" effect

Sometimes I reinvent the wheel, like when I make my cracked dirt look. This time I am recording exactly how I did it and how it came out with each slightly different approach. This effect is neat next to a river or creek to show how it swelled during a winter flood and then the waters receded leaving a neat "Parched" look.

A little test with "foil" for creating fast and easy terrain

I had a ball of used foil, some paint and flocking so I thought I'd test of a piece for making fast terrain. The results were pretty cool. I molded the hills by hand and set it down on a flat table and stamped the edges flat with a block of wood. Then I spray painted the foil a dark gray. while the paint was still wet, I sifted Woodland Scenics "fine burnt grass" flocking and a bit of small clump flocking. Finally, I wet it down with a mixture of white glue and water from a spray bottle to hold it all in place, then fan dried. This would be good for military miniatures of Z-scale model railroading. Especially neat, when you don't have a lot of money or time.

A clean floor and freshly painted

Most of the floor is painted now with a fresh application of Rust-o-leum's two-part epoxy paint for concrete floors. Its pretty thick stuff and you have to work fast before it gets too thick to apply. After sprinkling some color chips on the wet paint, I let it cure for 16 hours. The result is a thick looking, glossy clean floor which reflects more light now and looks good. I am in the process of organizing all of the clients empty boxes and cleaning the floors around the perimeter now. John has a lot of big O-gauge cars and locomotives so I plan on getting some nice shelving to place all the excess ones.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Views from John Bursett's O-scale layout I am working on

I like the way the dirt came out, looks dry and real. Yesterday, I painted the floor of the "train room" with a two part epoxy paint. I hope its dry today so I can paint the rest of the floor.

Weathering my corrugated tin roofing material (O-scale)

John Bursett's O-gauge layout I am working on in Seattle, Washington.

A different view of the roundhouse and turntable area. I think we need an icing platform for all those refrigerated PFE cars.

O-scale Roundhouse and Turntable Facilities

Here are some shots from a clients Roundhouse and Turntable facilities I built from scratch (O-scale)

Larger scale Military Figure Display

Here is a scene from a display made for Acid_Rain military figures.