Friday, August 27, 2010

More Desert Scenes at Prescott

Here are some more scenes from the Prescott area of the train layout.
I've added real dirt from the actual location collected by the director of the
project, Dave Hikel. I am working on the adjoining Owens Valley area now.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Forest is planted on the narrow gauge section

Here I have planted around 1000 tiny trees on the upper level narrow gauge. It is typical of many rock faces seen in the Western Cascades of Washington. I will place many more tree which are much smaller at the top for the illusion of deep perspective.
In the foreground, taller trees will be planted. I had to drill holes into the plaster and glue each tree in place.

Skykomish area gets texture

I am working on the Skykomish, Washington area of the layout now. I have put a smooth coat of modeling compound onto the surface of the foam to hide the seams and to smooth it out. Hydrocal rock castings have been added to create a cut into
the landscape as well as craggy peaks on one of the mountainous areas. Ground soil and and trees will be added eventually after it is painted.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Final painting on the area near Prescott

Here are some views of the hand-carved rock work that has had its final washes of paint.

Scenes across the deserts

Here are a couple of nice shots of scenery a passenger might see on a trip through the many deserts being modeled on this layout.

Scene across New Mexico

This is a view of an area of New Mexico being modeled. The work is still in progress and more details along the edge of
the terrain will be added.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Base colors get applied to the plateau's

The first application of paint has been completed. A second application of paint is coming soon.
The plateau's, carved from foam, are beginning the match the painted backdrop quite well.

The P&E Junction gets painted

Here the P&E Junction gets washes of acrylic paint to match closely the actual soil samples taken from the actual location.

The P&E Junction area as it is being carved out

This is a section called The P&E Junction on the O-Gauge layout designed by Dave Hikel of Hikel O-Gauge Layouts.
I am doing contract scenery work for him and his client on this 3000 square foot O-Gauge Layout. The P&E Junction area was
quite the challenge to match the unique rock forms found at the actual location. I applied a slip coat of FlexAll patch compound which evened out the carvings quite well.