Saturday, November 19, 2011 coming soon!

Here is a flyer I am working on that is in progress. Its for our (Jonathan Nelson and Todd Gamble) website launching in February 2012.

2011 Downtown Snoqualmie Tree Lighting

Here is a poster I just finished for the Downtown Snoqualmie Tree Lighting. It still needs to be proofed and approved but I am happy with it so far. It is designed to be non-specific about a particular holiday (Christmas). However, I like the traditional cozy sound of the word "Christmas" myself.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Jonathan Nelson and I are scheduled to launch our website in February of 2012.
What is is an amazing role-playing game adventure that never ends! Each week an original adventure is created and published for game masters. As a member you gain access to the adventures and may run them straight off the website.
We have also worked tirelessly to hand craft an extensive original campaign setting for you to use if you wish. We have filled our world with unique characters for your players to meet and interact with, amazing locations for your PCs to explore, and strange magical items for them to plunder and utilize. You are welcome to use as much or as little of our content as you wish. is statistically driven using both the 3.5 OGL (Open Gaming License) & Pathfinder RPG.