Friday, October 14, 2011

Skykomish Cascade Range gets foliage

Here Jennifer Theroux is taking over for me and beautifully adding sifting soil, forest ground cover and planting various sizes of
evergreen trees to the mountain range which I had carved from foam and added plaster rock castings and a base coat of acrylic paint washes. Jennifer sifted a 5 gallon bucket of soil collected from the Skykomish area into fine, medium and coarse grades.
She then paints over the mountains but not the castings with a 50/50 solution of white glue and water with a horse hair paint brush. While the glue is still wet, she sifts fine soil to adhere to the mountains. After dry, the excess soil that did not adhere will be recollected with the vacuum. More glue was added and a commercial mixture of forest ground cover was pressed onto the moistened surfaces. Once dry, trees can be planted and adhered with Aleene's tacky glue, one of my favorite glues. Dave Hikel's design calls for a combination of model tree types. They are made of wire and fiber and can poke well into the foam mountains for placement but if there is a plaster casting too close, a small drill hole will need to be predrilled and glue added and tree planted.
Smaller, finer trees are put in the back and onto the ridge to lend a bit of forced perspective to add depth to the area.

Eagle's Nest, Montana in O-Scale 1/4" scale

Snap shots around the layout

Here are various snap shots of the layout in Medina that Dave Hikel of Hikel O-Gauge Trains is building for a client.
I've been asked to work on scenery for the 3200 SqFt space.