Thursday, February 26, 2015

John Bursett's O-gauge Model Railroad

Some more work on John Bursett's O-gauge Model Railroad today in Seattle. The base coat was applied and the final touches on the plaster "dirt". Tomorrow, I'll finish the road, I'll sand it down and paint it "aged asphalt". I will also apply ground cover and static grass if I have time. I should look nice before I take off for Portland to work on Jerry Zaret's O-scale Model Railroad for a week. I outlined the base of the building and then cut and chipped out hole for the building to set flush in the ground. I then pour some plaster and spray the surface with water to get a smooth level finish. When dry, the building will set snug into the base in the ground. This way the buildings can be loose to change out LED's or for any other reason.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Great Technique for See-Thru Waterfalls!

Working in Portland on Jerry Zaret's O-scale model railroad. These are images of some smalls falls that flow under a large trestle I created. Much of the "white" will disappear once it is dry but we will add some white froth to it later. Tomorrow we put a clear coat of Envirotex resin over the entire river and falls to give it a shiny gloss "wet" look. I will post that when it is done. Also, Working on creating some really neat power poles which we will string with guitar string for a super realist look. I will post images of that project as well when it is done.

Same view different color and lighting

Cool image by shifting the levels a bit and desaturating the color. 1/45th scale model. The same view but in black and white and a bit further away.

Easy LED interior lighting!

These LED strips work perfect for illuminating Jerry Franklin's Depot. Has a handy dandy on/off switch too. I got this at Lowe's for around $30 for two / two foot sections for top floor and ground floor illumination.

Method for creating Birch Trees in HO S or O-scale

Making some Birch Trees tonight with some hedge clippings from last summer (sustainable Model Railroading scenery, hee hee) I discovered a technique that works really well.

Aging interior walls for O-scale Depot

Here are all my depot walls finally aged and peeling and ready to adhere to the new mahogany wood flooring. The second floor will lift out if any LED lighting needs repairing or changing.