Sunday, February 27, 2011

More views from around the layout

Here are a few various views of the layout. You can see how differing areas are melding together
with scenery. Also, some of the plastic laminate is going up along the profile boards.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Moving around the corner

Here are photos of areas modeled after locations in Nevada. There are several removable mountain sections in case of derailment in the tunnels or for moving the layout to a new location. The mine tunnel interior is about 12" deep and it peers into a tunnel so that viewers can see locomotives pass by. The soil is from actual locations in Nevada.

area for a coal generation power plant

Here I am recreating an area that will house a coal generation power plant. I am working from photographs to recreate it as closely as possible.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

More views of Royal Gorge after painting complete

Here are some nice views of the Royal Gorge area with painting complete. I will add more dirt and light ground foliage next.
I will also need to build some more of the canyon bank and then the river. The track has yet to be laid, however I placed the
passenger cars for scale reference.

Royal Gorge painted

Finally, the painting is complete on this area of the Royal Gorge. I've also added more alluvial fill, broken bits of plaster and real dirt from the location. After securing the rock with glue, I dried it with a heat gun so I could paint it right away.

Painting the Royal Gorge

Here I am painting the Royal Gorge plaster rock castings. I made special notes to imitate the colors in real life from a photograph. After recording the formula (needed for future repairs) I made a batch of three color tones and painted them in particular sequence to achieve the correct visual I wanted.

Cobbled castings for the Royal Gorge

Here are some steps I took to get the plaster rock castings in place. Adhering the broken rockwork to the foam using great stuff spray foam, modeling in between with a fiber decor and plaster mix, smoothening with a soft paint brush and water.

Plaster Rock Castings for the Royal Gorge

This area of the layout required plenty of plaster rock castings. As not to repeat the rock casting patterns, I broke the large castings up into smaller parts and rearranged them, adhered them to the foam and modeled in between with a fiber decor and plaster mix using a putty knife and blending with a paint brush and water.

creating a pass-through for a tram

This is a portion of a tram that is in Royal Gorge. There is not much room for the tram but I will force the perspective a bit to give the appearance of most of it (as seen in the prototype photograph). The trackwork and structures will be added later.

New Desert Mts to work on

Here is yet another area of the layout that needs to be created. This will be in Nevada, desert terrain, very barren with just a few
rock outcroppings here and there. First I carve the form of the foam with a hotwire tool, then I use a hand rasp the smoothen out the surface. Next, I smoothen the surface even more by adding a slip coat of Fiber Decor and plaster mix with a putty knife while adding plaster rock castings in the appropriate locations (as seen on the photos of the prototype areas).