Saturday, February 23, 2013

Eagle's Nest, Montana Bridge Complete

This little scene is finally finished. Its a replica of the prototype bridge in Eagle's Nest, Montana for the Milwaukee Railroad Line. I made the mountain from many individual hydrocal rock castings, cut to fit. The peak lifts off in case access to the interior of the tunnel is needed (derailment of track cleaning). The mountain stands well over my head in height. This is O-gauge.

Friday, February 22, 2013

FINISHED! LIonel's D-27 track plan / O-gauge

Finally, it is finished! This is a Toy Train theme layout and is supposed to be very clean and simple. It has a button installed on the front panel for kids to push and make the train automatically operate, some roads for kids to drive cars on and a fun disappearing tunnel. The train enters the tunnel and then the entire train disappears (theres a loop of track under the table) its a fun illusion for the kids and grown ups. There are lights and operating railroad crossings and an automatic railroad attendant comes out of his shanty to warn vehicles of an approaching train. Now we just have to deliver it to the customer. The next layout that Dave Hikel of Hikel O-gauge trains is delivering to me to work on is a CIRCUS THEME! This should be fun! I imagine lots of circus animals and people!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The grass is greener....D27 Project getting static grass!

Wow, the static grass has made a world of difference in the look of this O-gauge model railroad. I've also added cracks in the asphalt with a fine Sharpie pen. I am also adding a dirt road at the end of the asphalt road and adding lots of trees. I also made a nice little area for the deer on the mountain side. Let me know what you think?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

D27 Lionel Train Layout Update

Here are some photos of the D27 Lionel Train Layout we are currently working on. I am doing the scenery on this 4 x 8 O-Gauge layout. The layout is starting to get some color. I added a coat of tan paint and when it was dry, I sprayed a thin wash of black india ink and water over it to bring out the rock details. While the paint was wet, I sifted some green foam turf to simulate low grass. We plan to add static grass later.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

more progress on the D27 Project

Here we have the small mountain range coming along quite nicely. I created a forced perspective on the mountain with
finer details showing up in the foreground, such as rock textures, further up the slope would be columns of granite and the slopes will be covered in nice static grass.