Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Northwest Trunk Line today by Todd Gamble

Some changes to the NWTL include completed static grasses in Lombard area and Eagles Nest. The narrow gauge in the Owens Valley area are complete and meet with the three rail mainline now. I am patching up some areas that needed demolition for the new bridge abutments. I am pretty much using plaster castings and fiber decor to blend the castings together in place. I then refer to my color matching chart that I made for each area of the layout. Finish painting and touching up dings and dents in the scenery in that area. I carefully demolished and added new terrain under a freshly built truss bridge built by Dave Hazelton (recent Gonzaga graduate of Engineering). Dave put a few hours into making it look so nice so I was extra careful not to crush it while I worked under and around it. The finished work came out great and will post those soon. I always get exciting when it comes to finishing off a water feature like the river show. I imagine it will take a lot of EnviroTex clear epoxy to fill that river. After ballasting the track and adding details like people, shrubs, etc, Palisades, Nevada should be good to go! Cheer!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Modular Scenery (wooded mountain ridge)

Here are photos of a 12 foot long mountain ridge loaded with tall timber. This is for an O-Scale 1/48th scale model railroad. I have been making modular scenery components for many clients. Its a great way to have professional scenery without having to pay for someone to travel to your layout to create the scenery. Clients provide a paper template of the area to have scenery and height and other restrictions and I create the scenery and ship it. If you or anyone else you know would like this service, pass along my blog! Cheers!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A new ad I created for our website, Adventureaweek.com

If you or anyone you know loves to play table top strategy gaming, tell them to visit our website (Jonathan Nelson and Todd Gamble) for tons of adventure modules that a created for subscribers each week! They are full of illustrations, maps and all kinds of goodies. If you sign up and use the promo code on the ad, you can save 10% for life! Thank you!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Adventureaweek.com's Todd Gamble and Jonathan Nelson tour GenCon 2012

Wow, today was great, Jonathan got to meet his longtime writer hero, Margaret Weiss and get his photo taken with her. I got to reconnect with her daughter Liz Weiss, we worked at WOTC together when I was a cartographer there.
Jonathan is still cherishing his conversation and autographed book from Larry Elmore, Jonathan's favorite Illustrator. I was able to meet two of my cartographic competitors for the first time and see that they are cool people as well. So many intelligent people in the role play gaming world and am glad I attended this great convention. We had to reschedule our interview with Peter Adkison, he was so backed up with personal interviews at his Westin Hotel room, so we hoped to alleviate some of the backlog of folks by bowing out of our time slot for him. We ate lunch at the RAM brewery which was completely gaming theme including the menu names. Cool place. Also attended a seminar with Wolfgang Baur at the Victoria Station Hotel in the Crowne Plaze, a refurbished railroad station. The theme of this grand hotel was railroad of course including a line of turn of the century sleeping cars converted to swank hotel rooms all indoors under the once covered grand railroad loading platform. Indianapolis has the most wonderful public statues and monuments and vintage masonry structures, I look forward to revisiting Indianapolis again next year for GenCon 2013. Tomorrow we meet with Roll20 for lunch and will conduct an interview with WOTC for NerdTrek and Adventureaweek.com
Then home to the wonderful Pacific Northwest!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

completion of some O-Gauge Tunnel Portals

Eaglesnest is the tunnel portal with the horizontal strat. The mountain stands well over my head and the tunnel is at eye level. The other tunnel which is white from the hydrocal plaster is formed around an exact replication of the concrete tunnel portal at Keddie Wye, California. The concrete portal was made from MDO board and scored with an Xacto knife to create the levels of concrete pours. It was created by Dave Hikel and Dave Hazelton.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Electrical Sub-Station for MILW RR

Progress on the electrical sub station for Snohomish Pass, Wa. The electricity was converted at the tracks to supply AC current
to the electrified locomotives. The crane was pretty much completed today, it just needs some details. The base will need to
be created as a flat concrete foundation for the structure. The structure must be able to lift off the layout for interior repairs
or bulb replacing. (This is O-gauge).

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update to Map Request Form project

And here is an update since last night on the Map Request Form cover I am creating. The PDF manual will provide all the information a writer will need to provide to a mapper in order to create it correct, hopefully the first time through the approval process. Well, at least the second time around!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Cover Art for Adventureaweek.com (Map Request Form)

Just finished my first draft on a cover for Adventureaweek.com's Map Request Form. Its a guideline to simplify communications between story writers in need of maps and the cartography department who will create the maps. I plan to add one red wax seal somewhere on there so the colors will be minimal.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Cover Art for "When the Ship Goes Down" a new RPG adventure by Stephen Yeardley

Again, here is New Cover Art I created for "When the Ship Goes Down" a new RPG adventure by Stephen Yeardley
Stephen is one of our elite crew at www.Adventureaweek.com He makes sure we put out
products with perfect spelling and grammar. He is a great writer and friend foremost! Stephen resides in the U.K.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Adventureaweek.com / Icecrag Monastery Adventure Cover Art

I just finished yet another cover for our Adventureaweek.com website for gamers. Our very own "Icecrag Monestery" adventure is released today. Great job Joshua Gullion on the interior PDF layout!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

O-Scale O-Gauge Scenery / miniature landscape

I am back again working in the Silverbow Canyon, MT. section of the O-gauge layout in Medina, WA. I am now modeling specific stonework at the railroad crossing and using static grass to match the grass at the actual location. Also, a nice dry creek bed overflow area, I created this by applying several washes of acrylic titanium white.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another cover design for an RPG Adventure

This is for Forest for the Trees, an adventure written by Jonathan Nelson, illustrations by Tim Tyler and maps by me.
You can find all the adventures available in PDF form at www.AdventureAweek.com

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cover Art for "Bear Trouble" Role play game adventure

Here is the latest cover art I created for the online adventure PDF that is downloadable to subscribers of the website: adventureaweek.com

Sunday, March 11, 2012

O-scale model Substation for electric locomotives, Skykomish, WA. 1930

Here are some images of the concrete substation that I am building right now in O-scale for Hikel Layouts and Trains.
The model is being built from photographs, the original building has long been demolished. The original stood near Skykomish, Wa. and was built somewhere around 1930. I am foreshortening the proportions of the model so that it can be fit into a unique area on the model railroad. I have lots of details to add but I feel anything will be easy after getting these walls finalized. These took longer than I had anticipated, but a least, the end result is better attention to realism.

ToddGambleART.com web ads

Here are some ads I made for myself to promote the miniatures I like to model for clients. My favorite being anything model railroad related! I made an ad campaign with 8-10 variations of this banner ad size

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Campaign Setting Page Final Draft

I think I have found a good compromise on the design change for the landing page. This page samples flavor from
the Rybalka campaign setting for guests who want to know more information before subscribing to Adventureaweek.com

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Campaign Setting Sneak Peak page

Here I am building a sneak peak into the Campaign Setting at Adventureaweek.com
This is to help give the first time visitor to the website an idea of the flavor of the
setting that takes place in a village called Rybalka, on the southeast portion of the
Rybalkan peninsula, on Serpent lake. I have text to add once the design is approved.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Critical Hit to the Blog on Adventureaweek.com

This is a logo I created for Adventureaweek.com The logo was created for the "Critical Hit to the Blog" An awesome blog with Will Myers, a great guy! Come visit the blog on our website and learn something cool today!

Adventureaweek.com Draft#6 Main Landing Page

And here is the main landing page, when you go to Adventureaweek.com I think we are near completion on this one. Of course we will be adding new art and images to this page as time goes on. Our website opens officially on March 1, 2012. Please come by and visit the site that day (or now if you want too).

www.Adventureaweek.com Adventure Submission Landing Page for the website

This is a draft of our landing page, that will take you here from an ad somewhere. This is for those who want to submit their adventures to Adventureaweek.com It is a very good opportunity for first timers who are great writers to be published and seen by all our annual subscribers. I received more feedback on this draft and will probably be going back to a more simple version.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Views of Owenyo Valley, CA O-gauge

Here are two views of the recently developed Nevada Territories on the NWTL Railroad (modeled in O-Scale) In the background are views of terrain from Owenyo Valley, CA. and Montana. Many details need to be constructed, such as; steel trestle bridge and concrete abutments, desert vegetaion and water effects for the river.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Early 1930's HO-Scale diorama

Here are some snap shots of a diorama built for HO-scale vehicles and locomotives. Most of the terrain is hand carved foam. I used a paring knife and sandpaper to carve the foam.