Friday, November 21, 2014

Beginning to add clear resin to the creek bed in an area which will eventually be a small wetlands

Here are some close ups of the riverbed. The clear resin has just been poured and now it cures for 24 hours. After Buffalo grass is planted along the shores and some aspen and oaks, this will be a shady spot to get some respite from the hot summer heat in Eastern Washington.

Beginning to build the falls

Here is the first application of the "falls". I will add the splashes and clear resin at the last stage.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Jerry Franklin's first "Operating Session"

My wife views Klickitat Junction on Jerry Franklin's O-Gauge Model Railroad. She was conductor and I was the engineer on our crew as we operated a local freight with two precarious stops near the mainline. She did a great job, being her first time throwing switches and operating the turntable. We had lots of fun as did Chris and Mildee Vedder operating a passenger train and a long freight that needed a helper engine lash-up to manage the steep mountainous grade.