Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Matching the color of actual soil

Here is a very good color match for the soil found in Avery, Idaho. I mixed differing ratios of acrylic paints until I found the correct formula. We will need to do repairs to the painted areas when this layout is dismantled some day and moved to a new location.

Before and After/ Cascade granite washes

Here is an image of the rock work prior to painting. Also, are views of the same rock work after two base washes were applied.

Preparing for Cascade granite rock color washes

Here the seams of the scenery sections have been carefully filled in.
A detailed inspection of the mountain has been done and we are ready for some color.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

extending mountain range from the painted backdrop

Here I am extending the mountainous backdrop painting into the model railroad using stacked foam and carved with a Hot Wire Foam Factory router tool. I blended the mountains with the low hills using a model compound much like Sculptamold.

stonework finished and ready for paint

The stonework, carved from foam has been sanded and has had a slip coat. Dry plaster was added to the wetted surface and sanded down after it was dry for just the right texture of rock. Note that I have begun the forced perspective slope to
the background near the base of the painted backdrop.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Prescott, AZ/blending of two geologic forms

Here I am blending two forms of rock in a short distance. Going from Clovis, NM to Prescott, AZ.
I carved extruded foam board with a paring knife and hotwire foam factory router tool and a medium/ coarse rasp file.
After Dave and I were satisfied with the formations, I gave the rockwork a plaster like slip coat to smoothen the surface of
the "rasped" foam. I continued to manipulate the slip coat as it was drying in front of a fan and becoming thicker. I would dip an inexpensive paint brush into water and paint over the slip coat with water to give the surface a smooth appearance.
Painting will be soon to come.

Silver Bow Canyon (hidden river) O-Gauge

This is a birdseye view of a river in Silver Bow Canyon that is not easily seen by the visitor to this layout. This is another view of Dave Hikel's great track plan design that can be appreciated from any view. Here I have just finished painting the foam and plaster mountains I built in removable sections.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

East Butte gets color and bridge piers

East Butte gets some color as I painted the scenery to blend in with the backdrop painting. The automobile bridge piers were painted concrete after being cut from MDF. The concrete color I created may be too “new” looking. I may want to go back and give them a wash of tan to age them better. Its good to review your work a day or so later to get a fresh perspective and determine if any updates or changes need to be made. If I am in a hurry, I like to look at my work in a mirror. This gives me an instant, new perspective. Try it sometime on your projects.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bridge Mock Up

Here are more images of the bridge mock up made from foam.
It will be a 1930's design and made from MDF for strength. I'm sure it will be bumped from time to time so durability is important.

Butte, Montana rail yard gets more details

A corner piece of scenery is drying in front of the fan after the ends were reinforced with spray on foam.
The corner piece fits nicely in its place in the Butte rail yard. The short section of retaining wall fits in front
of the concrete it is intended to conceal. The "top of the hill" (pink) is coated with modeling compound and is ready for paint and scenery. The perspective of the scenery on the hill will be dramatically forced to create distance down the hillside into the valley of Butte, Montana. You will notice a foam mock up of a proposed vehicle bridge over the mainline into the Butte rail yard.
The bridge will eventually be milled from MDF and painted to resemble aged concrete.

Gluing Roadways to Walls

The roadways (made from foam) are being glued and weighted with scrap 2x4 (temporarily until dry).
Concrete railings for the roadways are next.