Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Northwest Trunk Line today by Todd Gamble

Some changes to the NWTL include completed static grasses in Lombard area and Eagles Nest. The narrow gauge in the Owens Valley area are complete and meet with the three rail mainline now. I am patching up some areas that needed demolition for the new bridge abutments. I am pretty much using plaster castings and fiber decor to blend the castings together in place. I then refer to my color matching chart that I made for each area of the layout. Finish painting and touching up dings and dents in the scenery in that area. I carefully demolished and added new terrain under a freshly built truss bridge built by Dave Hazelton (recent Gonzaga graduate of Engineering). Dave put a few hours into making it look so nice so I was extra careful not to crush it while I worked under and around it. The finished work came out great and will post those soon. I always get exciting when it comes to finishing off a water feature like the river show. I imagine it will take a lot of EnviroTex clear epoxy to fill that river. After ballasting the track and adding details like people, shrubs, etc, Palisades, Nevada should be good to go! Cheer!