Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Background Painting for O-Scale Model Railroad

Here are more images of the background painting from the previous post. The backdrop blends well with the foreground scenery which makes for good photographs of the layout.

Background Painting for O-Scale Model Railroad

Here are some images of a backdrop painting I am creating for a client of an O-Scale model railroad. The backdrop runs around the layout on the walls with walking space between the train layout and walls. They are painted a lighter value to help seem like they are further in the distance. I used acrylic latex interior house paints and artist paints.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Importance of Model Building

I find these photos very interesting and thought about how important model building was and is for the fruition of the imagination to come about. From ancient China and Egypt to contemporary times using CAD, model building was and still is necessary for so many monumental projects. Here are photos showing the design of Mt. Rushmore and the actual construction. Amazing.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Eastern Washington Columnar Basalt 1/48th scale

This is a rendition of rock outcroppings found in Eastern Washington that I am creating for a client in Issaquah, Washington, under contract for Hikel Trains and Layouts of Lynnwood, Washington. The client is a professor of forestry for the University of Washington and is well versed in geology as well. His three rail O-gauge model railroad is a hybrid of fiction and fact, modeling routes of the Spokane Portland and Seattle railroad and BNSF lines. A portion of the layout will have these columnar basalt pillars that quite amazing. This natural phenomenon are seen in many parts of the world and are quite amazing to see in person. I am using foam board, plaster cloth and plaster castings to create the columns,entablature and pillow basalt. I believe we will take a field trip to see in person the color variations of the rock and gather dirt samples and take photos. Finally, I plan to apply yellow static grasses to make it just right.