Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adding Static Grass to the dirt covered hills

After having all the foam and plaster rock castings painted to match the real rock at this location, I applied a mix of three differing static grass colors to match the painted backdrop.

Joshua Trees and Sagebrush Planted

Sanding complete around the On3 roadbed grade

This roadbed grade is for an On3 line. I thought it looked great as a road temporarily and placed this neat truck heading up the hill.

Final Application of dirt from location / ready for static grass

I am finishing up applying dirt collected from the real location in Montana. Once the glue has dried completely (overnight), I will apply static grass to the hills to blend into the background painting.

Matching real rock color and patterns onto plaster and foam

Here I have matched the real stone patterns and colors (on the left) to plaster rock castings (the two smaller pieces to the right) The plaster was white to begin with. I used acrylic paint washes. There are several stages to this replication so I documented the color palette / ratios and instructions as seen in the photograph of my notebook. The procedures for painting foam were a bit different than that of plaster, but very similar.

Mountain base paint complete/ready for field grass/ballast and a river

All the base color is finished and ready for dirt application and static grass.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dusting real dirt onto scenery to blend into backdrop painting

This area was dusted with real clay dirt collected from Owenyo, California. The color matches well with the backdrop painting and lends to the illusion of depth.

More photos of Rugged Cascade range

I like this area of the layout very much. Here are some more photos of the rocky granite Cascade range I modeled using
a solid foam armature and many hydrocal rock castings applied and blended together with filler.

Skykomish area gets base color treatment

Today I gave the Skykomish area of the layout a base color and some washes to get the effect of the local granite.
Soil will be added to the ground and trees planted later.

More work on the upper tunnels

Here you can see the heavy gauge line used for "tear away" cords. These will be useful when the project is moved to a new location in the future. These cords are hidden in the surface of the scenery and will be used to separate the scenery sections.

Todd and photo of new tunnels

More photos of the Clovis, AZ. area

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Views of the Clovis/Owenyo areas

This is a neat area that Dave Hikel (Hikel O-Gauge Trains) designed for the On3.
I really have enjoyed building the scenery on this corner of the layout. Being surrounded by the beautiful
backdrop painting (by Andy Eccleshall). I feel very fortunate that Dave offered me the opportunity to work with him
on the scenery of this 3000 sq.ft. 3-rail / O-gauge model railroad.

Adding some base colors

On the left side of the scene, you will notice more color. I have been applying base washes to the terrain.