Monday, January 26, 2015

Video of first Locomotive to fire up on the Stillson River Railroad since it was put together.

As I was creating a small hill in the background, I had time to grab this short video of a Norfolk and Virginia Locomotive to run past on its first run. Dave Hikel and crew did some nice wiring and digital command work to get the engines fired up.

Working on a Model Railroad project in Portland, Oregon.

Here I am (on the left) with Dave Hikel and the rest of the subcontractors working on Jerry Zaret's O-gauge "Stillson River Railroad". in Portland, Oregon.

Close-up of concrete street with industrial railroad tracks

Concrete Streets with Railroad Right-of-Way running through

I used "1/32 task board" to create my concrete panels for the streets. I used tacky glue to hold down the task board. It was preprinted with 4 different shades of gray, tan and olive green spray paints. Next, I will draw on "cracks" in the concrete with a very fine sharpie marker and some chalks and vehicle oil stains added to the streets.