Monday, December 21, 2015

A tranquil scene from Barry Franklin's "Franklin Ridge Lines" (HO-Scale)

I added the small stream above, rock work and the culvert and water splashes below to Barry Franklin's model railroad. Oh, I also built and weather that tiny Jordan Model-T kit too.

HO-Scale water cistern and water canon for waterwheel power

Here are some views of the stages of elements made for Barry Franklin of Mercer Island, Washington. The water comes from a diversion gate to a flume above.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Progress: John Bursett's O-Scale Scratchbuilt Roundhouse

The O-scale Roundhouse is coming along. Those aluminum panels are sharp, I should have worn gloves. I used power grab adhesive caulking to adhere the panels to the plastic model super structure and then used clamps to press them flat as they dry, otherwise, they tended to pop out. These photos show the roof almost complete, but a row of roofing panels are not glued down yet. Weathering and "glass" for the windows are next.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Details placed on the finished FSM HO-scale model kit

Ahhhhh, finally finished painting all the "Fine Scale Miniatures" HO-scale parts for a customer.

Ahhhhh, finally finished painting all the "Fine Scale Miniatures" HO-scale parts for a customer. Disregard my "stained" fingernail, hee hee.

Rusted tin roofing I made for a Fine Scale Miniatures Kit (HO-scale)

My corrugated tin roofing came out pretty good. Now to finish all the wood porch posts and window glass and add the finished detail parts.

Another, HO-scale Stake Side Truck Kit

Built another Stake Side Truck Kit in HO-scale for my Mercer Island, Wa. customer. This one is not at weathered as the last one I built.The plastic burr on the tires were sanded off and the main parts of the truck body have not been glued together yet in this photo, hence the seams. Its a Jordan Kit and it was fun to build.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fine Scale Miniature Kit almost complete in HO-scale

I enjoy making things look old and rusty and this kit is perfect for that. Since these photos were taken I have weathered the structure quite a bit more. But there is a special point when I must say enough is enough. Its possible to overdo it. I love working in this scale 1/86.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Portland Project Images

These are images of an O-gauge layout I have been commissioned to create scenery for. Some of the images were touched up to give them mood. I really enjoy creating a scene!