Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scenery: Clay Erosion / Part Two

Here is the clay erosion site (Abo Canyon) with soil added that was collected from the actual location.
I matched the color of the red clay dirt, Burnt Umber, Red Oxide, Titanium White and Yellow Ocre. Once I put a think
wash of Mars Black acrylic over the painted rockwork, the coloring seems to match perfectly. I have a lot of fun trying to
guess the colors I would need to replicate a real stone or soil and actually finding them and recording the ratio of the formulas so that I can make this again if needed and not have to figure it out again.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Moving a 2000 sq ft Model Railroad from Utah to Portland

Here are some images of a project I am working on in Park City, Utah. Dave Hikel of Hikel O-Gauge has contracted me and four other contractors to travel to Utah and disassemble a model railroad that occupies a space of 2000 sq ft.
I am cutting the scenery and track into sections that have been plotted out by Dave Hikel (plan as seen on image).
Other contractors are disassembling the wiring and documenting and labeling them. The home is in The Colony in The Canyons and is at an altitude of 9500 feet. Breathing is a bit more difficult than back home in Seattle. We get a bit of reprieve when we come back to our hotel rooms at 7500 feet above sea level. All the sections of the model railroad will be crated and packed away into 8 different PODS to then be delivered to Portland, Oregon, where we will then re assemble the layout for the client.