Sunday, January 26, 2014

Friday, January 10, 2014

Research and Development: desert vegetation

These are images of the experimenting I have been doing on desert shrubbery and grasses. I discovered a great way to make a huge patch of grass by first using short "sage green" static grass bristles and then long "summer grass" fibers. After it is dry, I can pull off patches with tweezers and dip in diluted white glue and place on the dirt. I preserved some lichen clumps to to make my "juniper trees". By cutting up synthetic steel-wool into tiny bits, spraying them with Rustoleum "Nutmeg" color, then 3M super 77, then flocking with "sage green" short static grass, I was able to make very convincing sage brush.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

creating bunch grass for Jerry Franklin's O-Gauge "Klickitat Jct."

Here are some various views of areas where I am adding "bunch grass" on Jerry Franklin's O-Gauge Model Railroad. Although much of Eastern Washington has "cheat grass", we are modeling "bunch grass" which is native to the landscape. The cheat grass is an invasive species. We will be adding matted grass as well as sage brush and other varieties of vegetation to the layout. I also made the Klickitat sign and made it look aged, also put the Jerry Franklins initials carved into the sign. The clump grass was made by using woodland scenics tan static grass and Noch's summer weeds static grass and was applied to drops of Aillene's craft glue. If I pick the clumps up with tweezers just before the glue is completely dried, I get a sticky underside to the grass clump, so all I have to do it carefully place it and slightly press onto the surface with the tweezers.