Friday, December 24, 2010

Upper Level Scenery begins

Here I am constructing eps foam boards to fit between the tracks of the upper portion of the layout. There are several removable sections for access to any possible derailments behind the mountain range. The flat area will the location of a coal powered facility.

More views of Western Pacific line

Here I am building an area found on the former Western Pacific lines (Keddie Wye) in California. We are using real soil collected from the location. I have matched the rock colors and painted white plaster castings accordingly. There will be vegetation added much like the backdrop image.

Silverbow Canyon base painting complete

This is yet another view of Silverbow Canyon with the base painting complete. Next, I will add soil and shrubbery. I made notes on the application of the paint so that I can fix any damage occurred when the actual steel viaduct gets built and placed. This is a temporary wood bridge made of plywood for the meantime.

Applying a rocky edge to upper level of layout

Here I have been challenged to apply a rock finish to the edge of the upper portion of the layout. We could not use rock castings on the extreme edges because the walkway is narrow and plaster could damage a locomotive being carried by a user. Instead, I used fiber decor and foam. I did however use rock castings on the inner edge along the soon to be river bank. I sandwiched foam sheet around the plywood to give it thickness and strength, filled in the seams with expanding foam in a can and later carved the excess off. Then I applied the fiber decor and made rock impressions with a putty blade.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Static Grass Colors are Added

This scene has four colors of static grass and two lengths of static grass, applied in various stages to create a seamless transition into the backdrop. I really look forward to seeing the river below come to life with water effects.

Color Matching / Silverbow Canyon Rock

Here I am matching colors with the actual rock gathered from Silverbow Canyon. I first applied a heavy stain of umbers and siennas. After drying, I applied a thinner wash of grays over the brown colors. A very light spray of alcohol and india ink helps to bring out the fine details of the rock castings. Dirt and vegetation will be added after the base painting is complete.

Testing Various Static Grasses

Here are areas being tested for various lengths and colors of static grasses.
The shorter fibers were added first, then the longer fibers where applied using a NOCH static grass applicator.

Elevations being added / Scenery to come soon

The elevation is being added from the lower portion of the layout to the upper portion. Scenery will be needed soon over
the woodwork and track in this area.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Keddie Wye Area Of Model Railroad/ Base Scenery Prepared

This area of the O-Gauge model railroad is now prepared for vegetation. The base hydrocal castings were painted in 4 stages.
After one coat of stain was dry, the next layer could be applied. Once all the castings were painted to match the actual rock (the way it appears when the dirt is washed off) The foam and dry fiber decor were painted with an ocre base pallet. The first coat was heavier than a wash. The following coats were thinner washes applied after being sprayed with an india ink wash to bring out detals.
Once the paints and stains were dry, glue was brushed on and then dry sifted soil was applied and let dry in place. After it was dry, the excess dirt was vacuumed off.