Sunday, January 23, 2011

Modular Landscape Pieces

Here I have created four modular landscape pieces for a product display at a train show. Trees will be added for customers to see what the trees can look like in a natural looking setting. I have made many of these modular pieces for various miniature gaming companies and model railroaders alike. I will make custom pieces for folks, just contact me through my website: Also, coming soon to my website, I will have several styles available to choose from in different geologic forms available in sets or individual pieces.

EPS Foam for Royal Gorge area of layout

Here are images of some of the stages of the Royal Gorge area of the layout I am creating. The foam boards needed to be cut to fit critical areas. These sections will have removable mountains when the layout needs to be transported (sometime way in the future). A hotwire was used to shape the form, a hand rasp was used to soften the surfaces that weren't supposed to be rock, an electric palm sander was used as well to really smoothen out the surface in some places that will be grassy hills. Hydrocal castings of rock will be added and patched together with Fiber Decor modeling material, painted and soil added.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

More work on the new mountain range

Here are more images of the mountain range I have begun to carve. This mountain range needs to be finished on both sides.
There is a lot of work to do to get it ready for painting. I plan to add a few plaster rock castings in certain locations.
Yes, thats me cutting the foam. I'm just posing here, I where a filtered mask as not to breath in the smoke from the foam being cut with the hotwire tool. I always where eye protection too.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Modeling the mountain ridges on upper level

Here are some images of the foam boards cut to exact fit using a paring knife. The boards are fitted into place and numbered. Later I will disassemble the boards and glue them back into place using the corresponding numbers. After the glue has dried, I will come back through and model the shape of the foam using a hot wire cutter from Hot Wire Foam Factory tools. I use my sketches for reference, the sketches come from observing photos taken of the actual area I am modeling. After the initial carving, I can fine tune areas using a hand rasp and sander.

sculpting the rivers edge (O-Gauge Layout)

Here I am sculpting a rocky edge to the river that will appear to be on the edge of this O-Gauge Layout.
I am using foam and fibre decor mixed with a little hydrocal. It creates a putty like material that can be modeled with
a putty knife and later lightly sanded after thoroughly dried.