Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Sunday, September 2, 2012's Todd Gamble and Jonathan Nelson tour GenCon 2012

Wow, today was great, Jonathan got to meet his longtime writer hero, Margaret Weiss and get his photo taken with her. I got to reconnect with her daughter Liz Weiss, we worked at WOTC together when I was a cartographer there.
Jonathan is still cherishing his conversation and autographed book from Larry Elmore, Jonathan's favorite Illustrator. I was able to meet two of my cartographic competitors for the first time and see that they are cool people as well. So many intelligent people in the role play gaming world and am glad I attended this great convention. We had to reschedule our interview with Peter Adkison, he was so backed up with personal interviews at his Westin Hotel room, so we hoped to alleviate some of the backlog of folks by bowing out of our time slot for him. We ate lunch at the RAM brewery which was completely gaming theme including the menu names. Cool place. Also attended a seminar with Wolfgang Baur at the Victoria Station Hotel in the Crowne Plaze, a refurbished railroad station. The theme of this grand hotel was railroad of course including a line of turn of the century sleeping cars converted to swank hotel rooms all indoors under the once covered grand railroad loading platform. Indianapolis has the most wonderful public statues and monuments and vintage masonry structures, I look forward to revisiting Indianapolis again next year for GenCon 2013. Tomorrow we meet with Roll20 for lunch and will conduct an interview with WOTC for NerdTrek and
Then home to the wonderful Pacific Northwest!