Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Critical Hit to the Blog on Adventureaweek.com

This is a logo I created for Adventureaweek.com The logo was created for the "Critical Hit to the Blog" An awesome blog with Will Myers, a great guy! Come visit the blog on our website and learn something cool today!

Adventureaweek.com Draft#6 Main Landing Page

And here is the main landing page, when you go to Adventureaweek.com I think we are near completion on this one. Of course we will be adding new art and images to this page as time goes on. Our website opens officially on March 1, 2012. Please come by and visit the site that day (or now if you want too).

www.Adventureaweek.com Adventure Submission Landing Page for the website

This is a draft of our landing page, that will take you here from an ad somewhere. This is for those who want to submit their adventures to Adventureaweek.com It is a very good opportunity for first timers who are great writers to be published and seen by all our annual subscribers. I received more feedback on this draft and will probably be going back to a more simple version.